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When creating a brochure, we first spend time learning about our clients business and the challenges it faces. We live and breathe the brand and immerse ourselves in it. We then use this to draw inspiration for the creative process. Working with strategic writers, our brochures always deliver a clear message. And when it comes to making a lasting impression, our graphic design team will ensure that nothing will beat your bespoke, well designed brochure.


Pulse Africa Brochure: Sappi Gold winner


Print is not dead,
however digital
is the way of
the future.

Let us convert your Print brochure into a digital eBrochure.

Obsessed with perfection.

The basic purpose of brochure design is to make information understandable. Beyond effective communication, there are always other important objectives: creating desire, clarifying, selling, inspiring, educating, providing credibility and building relationships. A brochure also speaks volumes about its moment in history. A brochure describes culture, place, technologies, economics, and the values and passions of designers and organisations that create artefacts worthy of remembering.

Clean. Clear. Simple

We believe in design that is clean, adding only what is necessary. We create compelling and powerful images that entice the viewer. Crafting the copy is another important facet of great brochure design and it is important that we communicate eloquently and accurately. Once the design is completed, the final step to ‘Wow-ing’ our clients is through printing techniques. At Tozer Advertising we are well-versed in the latest printing techniques and our industry relationships ensure that we deliver beautiful and imaginative products consistently.

“Tozer Advertising have been instrumental in developing the 32Gi brand.”

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