Supersize my Logo

There has been a clamorous debate about logo design and the direction in which graphic design is headed in general. Yes we can now make noodles in 2 minutes – but a Professional logo design in just 5 minutes – it’s ridiculous – what is this obsession with getting things done so quickly? – what […]

Can you sell the same product for more if it’s in a better packaging design?

No one has ever said they bought a product just for the box it came in. But more than likely, the box it came in helped convince you to buy the product. In 2013, a study by the Journal of Retail & Distribution Management found that nearly two thirds of all consumers have purchased a […]

Good Graphic Design is the essence of great website design.

From the shape of a building or the style of the phone in your hands, great design is all around us and influences most aspects of our lives. And if we like the aesthetic of the product, we’re more likely to interact with it. The same can be said online. The design of your website […]