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As the world continues its transition from analogue to digital, websites have become so much more than an online business card. In the digital age, the website is the online extension of your brick-and-mortar business. 

It is often the first touch-point with potential customers, and through it’s design, functionality, added-value and user-friendliness, it can become the keystone of your marketing strategy. Tozer Advertising will develop your website to be effective, efficient, and secure across all operating systems, web browsers, and mobile platforms, and we’ll make it look good while we do so.

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We judge our Website Designs against three principles:

High visual impact.
Fast and seamless usability.
ABC – Always be converting.

More than ever, customers are turning to business websites to see what you’re about and what you can do for them before they get in touch. Websites that give a strong, good impression and resonate with the user will be more likely to have their services requested. It is also of utmost importance that your site is optomised for Google, meaning your website will rank well in the Google search

Why you should build a website?

The Internet has caused a monumental shift in the way people shop and look for services and information they need. According to a recent study – it is claimed that more than 80 percent of people browsing the internet have made at least one online purchase. With this much online activity is it vital that any business has got a strong representation online. Building and maintaining your website is one of the best ways to do this.

A Website allows you to tell you customers who you are, what you stand for and how to find you. It will allow you to reach your customers at any time of day, so even when you are sleeping your website will be hard at work gaining new customers for you. A well built and designed website has got the potential to attract new customers to your business from all over the world. Low maintenance – your website, once built does not need too much work, although a good content strategy should be in place to make sure that the site performs well in the search rankings.

Responsive Pages

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

Tozer Advertising develops websites with Search Engine Optimisation principles in mind, keeping your brand relevant to search engines, and easy-to-find for your customers. We can create bespoke content for your website, or rewrite your current content to draw more clicks, more eyeballs and more business to your brand. The closer you are to the top of a search engine result, the closer you’ll be to the top of the industry food chain.

User Interface Elements

The technology we used

With a lot of technical and product content available already, our aim was to create a product and brand-hub for the more digital-savvy customer. This meant using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to deliver an engaging, responsive platform. From seamless transitions, to engaging visualizers we’ve succeeded in displaying a premier brand and product to premier clients.

Conversion on the site is driven through a series of lead forms that are directly integrated with back-end CRM systems to give the end user near real-time integration between the online and offline experience.


Increase in website traffic


Increase in Air-Tec Flight Training course bookings


Increase in bought media traffic due to improved URL structures

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“The new site has significantly increased awareness of the Air-Tec Brand.”

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